Saturday, January 14, 2017

Urban Fairytale ~ Day1

Hello my Lovelies,

Ribbon City, a german lolita community from Berlin, announced winter 2015 that they'll hold a Tea party event with Baby the stars shine bright in summer 2016. I planed to combine Urban fairytale with a trip to my boyfriends family and also with selling my stuff from Vanillas Traumfabrik. It went quite well ^^''

On Saturday I arrived at the location, the Zitadelle Spandau, with my boyfriend who helped me to carry all my things. It was a bit tricky to set up the stall, but after some taken hurdles, my dear friend Nanafly and I finished decorating our booth in time.

I met so many nice girls and also sold some stuff. Gladly the location was quite chilly, because outside it was so hot, that I'd have melted away...
I don't own several dresses from Baby the stars shine bright or Alice and the Pirates so I decided to wear Soufflesong for Saturday. Dear Jasmin made a nice head dress for me made of chains and pearls.

As Vendor I didn't take part of the programm, but the guests had the opportunity to participate at a fashion show, nice food & drinks, a Q&A with baby, a raffle... The normal stuff Lolita Tea Partys have :) Next post is the second day, when I was only a visitor ^^

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Our Trip to Rome

Hello my Lovelies,

as promised I'm blogging about our holiday in Rome May 2016. I traveled with my boyfriend and because of him, the hot weater and all the sight seeing I decide to not wear lolita. It's just not as practical as shirt and jeans ^^''

To get advantages for tickets and puplic transport services we bought the Roma Pass for 3 days. We choosed to bock a small apartment via airbnb and a flight with AllItalia . To travel a bit more comfortable we also booked a privat shuttle service to get to our flat which was located in Rione XIV Borgo, directly in front of the vatican.

On our first day, we just traveled and took a stroll to find a super market and to explore the neighborhood.

On the second day we had a big point on our list: the vatican. It was really close to our appartment so we walked there. Before we had a superexpensive breakfast... I was quite shocked XD

Be prepared, I didn't thought the site would be that huge! We visited some parts of the museum, the garden and made it to the sistine chapel and after that to the St. Peter's Basilica.

We started at 10am, when we had to go to the VIP entrance, and went out of the post office of the vatican 5 hours later. Enough time to explore an other sight. We decided to go to the Castel Sant'Angelo as it's near the vatican ^^

We had a great view of Rome, the Ponte Sant'Angelo and the vatican.

After that day we used our ticket for the puplic transport service and went to the Spanish stares and some stores there and walked afterwards the Trevi fountain and I felt in love with it. All the alleys are tiny and small and then there is this huge fountain *_*

I also had the opportunity to visit my first Ladurée and have to admit - the best macarons I ever ate!

At our last full day we visited the colloseum and Forum romanum. It took almost the whole day to see everything there. So huge, so much to explore, so much informations. But we had nice weather with sun and two short rain shower which were very pleasant ^^''

On our last day we packed our bags and went to a 2 hour bus tour, which was included in our Roma Pass. It was really nice but although it was cloudy, I got a small sunburn on my nose ^^''

We arrived really late at home, but it was a nice short trip and I enjoyed it a lot with my boyfriend. Of course we spend time together at home, too, as we live together ^__^ But still... it was kind of romantic <3 I love him so much ^^''

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I'm still alive...

Hello my Lovelies,

yes, I'm still alive and I don't want to close my blog, as I can find so much nice memories here.
I plan to write some postings in next time and I plan to attend two smaller meet ups in the next 4 weeks, so I still have to plan my coords or prepare for that (/^▽^)/

The postings I plan to write:
~ Holiday in Rome (I think I've to splitt it into 2 different posts ^^)
~ Urban Fairytale Day1 and Day2
~ New Addiction: Cocoppa Play - I joined the Madness
~ Visiting my parents
~ Review about Tokyo Treat
~ Preparation for the upcomming meet ups
~ Rommilys birthday party (one of the meet ups in future)
~ Cinema: "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" (the other one of the meet ups in future)

A bit work to do, but that's fine (*^▽^*) So stay tuned!